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Ten questions about laminitis

  1. Have you always wanted to know whether a wildebeest can become laminitic?
  2. Are you tongue-tied when some wise guy asks whether it is true that there are not less than three different kinds of laminitis instead of just one?
  3. Did you lose a game of Trivial Pursuit because you did not know what a lamellar wedge is?
  4. Feeling a bit ashamed that you just stuck with fructan as the culprit?
  5. Do people look at you funny when you say you think Jolly Jumper has Cushing’s disease, while the poor animal might be suffering from PPID?
  6. Do you want to know which drugs, supplements and therapies work and which don’t?
  7. Can a horse eat cow grass (and what is cow grass)?
  8. Are you a bit of a weirdo if you let your horse live in a patch of forest?
  9. Therapeutic shoes or those flashy hoof boots?
  10. Do you want to know where to find emotional support when your lovely horse has laminitis (again)?

Last question: did you know that a handy little book is available with crystal-clear answers to more than 200 of the most frequently asked questions about laminitis? Questions that crop up, time and again in all sorts of Facebook groups. Answers that are actually useful. Stop being overwhelmed by the jungle of contradictory answers on social media. This book will definitely help you and your horse.

Order ‘The Laminitis answer book : over 200 questions answered’ here.

Curious to know which questions will be answered? Have a peek at the table of contents here.

To give you an idea, these are some answers from the book:



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