hoof wall

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Theories and causes

Peripheral loading of the hooves

The hooves of a horse endure significant forces. Not only does the body weight of the horse need to be carried; it is primarily biomechanical forces that burden the hooves. The hooves absorb the impact when the horse puts its…
Anatomy & histology

Shock dissipation and vibration damping

It is impressive how many different structures of the hoof contribute to shock dissipation and attenuation and vibration damping when the horse’s hoof strikes the ground. The sole and the soft tissues in the heel region (frog, digital cushion, hoof…
Anatomy & histology

Hoof wall growth

Hoof wall growth is an amazing process. The hoof wall continues to grow throughout the horse's life without the close connection with the coffin bone suffering from it. The hoof wall slides down over the coffin bone. There are two complementary theories…