Living conditions


By over fertilising for years with both organic and inorganic fertiliser the soil may contain a surplus of potassium. Dried chicken manure especially contains high levels of potassium. Too much potassium in the soil, and therefore in the plant, interferes with the ability…
Living conditions

Grazing muzzle

Grass leaf tips contain lower NSC levels. A grazing muzzle helps prevent the horse from grazing the grass lower down. Grazing speed decreases. Food enters the digestive tract more slowly and steadily. The horse can stay out on pasture longer and therefore will get…
Theories and causes

C3 and C4 grasses and starch

Grass species can be divided into two groups: C3 grasses that thrive especially in colder climates and seasons and C4 grasses that grow well in hot, humid climates and seasons. This classification is based on the different ways photosynthesis takes place…