coffin bone

Anatomy & histology

Shock dissipation and vibration damping

It is impressive how many different structures of the hoof contribute to shock dissipation and attenuation and vibration damping when the horse’s hoof strikes the ground. The sole and the soft tissues in the heel region (frog, digital cushion, hoof…
Treatment and prevention

Tenotomy and desmotomy

Tenotomy, the division of the deep digital flexor tendon and desmotomy, the cutting of the check ligament, are procedures that aim to eliminate the rotation of the coffin bone. The purpose of this type of surgery is to remove the…

Laminitis or founder or … ?

The terms laminitis and founder are often used as synonyms, however there is a difference between the two. 
The suffix -itis always refers to inflammation or infection. In this (etymological) case, an inflammation of the dermal lamellae during the acute…