Treatment and prevention

Cold therapy

Cold therapy would be very useful in the developmental phase when no symptoms are visible yet. In the acute phase cold therapy can also be used as a first aid measure.

Some benefits of cold therapy

  • Decreased metabolism in the lamellar cells
  • Reduced need for sugar by the lamellae
  • Decreased circulation causing a decreased supply of MMPs, MMP triggers and TIMPs
  • Reduction of inflammation by a reduced production and activity of antibodies
  • Protection of tissue against damage from reduced circulation
  • Pain relief.

Ways to cool the hooves

  • Hosing down
  • Buckets or therapy boots filled with ice water
  • Gel-packs
  • Cooling gel
  • Therapeutic cold compresses.

Scientists and veterinarians disagree about the actual effect, the physiological reactions, the correct application method and minimum temperature. For safety, a 2° C (35° F) minimum needs to be respected and a cooling period not exceeding 72 hours.