Treatment and prevention

To prevent laminitis and enhance the chances of recovery, the primary causes of the diseases will have to be eliminated effectively. Facilitative causes and complications need to be thoroughly addressed. Correct trimming is essential for the horse to move properly, possibly supported by hoof protection. Additionally, many kind of medications, supplements and therapies are available to aid the healing process.

Treatment and prevention

The perils of over- and undertreatment

Not every horse recovers equally well from laminitis. Therapies, medication, dietary changes, modifications in housing, exercise and hoof care are not always successful. Effective treatment of the underlying problems is not always possible either. In many cases though, it would…
Treatment and prevention

Enzyme inhibiting drugs

In ‘Laminitis – understanding, cure, prevention’ you can read how an imbalance between the protein degrading enzymes MMP-2, MMP-9, ADAMTS-4 and their endogenous enzyme inhibitors (TIMPs) can contribute to the progress of laminitis during the acute phase of the disease.…
Treatment and prevention

Coronary band resection

A coronary band resection is the removal of a small portion of the hoof wall just below the coronet with the objective of: Stimulation of proper wall growth in the toe region Removal of the pressure exerted by the hoof…
Treatment and prevention

Tenotomy and desmotomy

Tenotomy, the division of the deep digital flexor tendon and desmotomy, the cutting of the check ligament, are procedures that aim to eliminate the rotation of the coffin bone. The purpose of this type of surgery is to remove the…
Living conditionsTreatment and prevention

Prevention of laminitis

Horses at risk Prevention begins with determining whether your horse belongs to a risk group. In that case, all the following information deserves extra attention. Risk groups: ‚ Welsh, Exmoor, Shetland and New Forest ponies, cobs, Appaloosas and Icelandic horses…
Treatment and prevention

Empathy and positive reinforcement

‚For you, this might be the two hundred and fiftieth case of laminitis. For your client, it is often a first time confrontation that concerns their dearly beloved horse. Never loose your empathy. An overly theoretical explanation of what is…