Treatment and prevention

There is some revolutionary alternative therapy or a new drug. Is it worth trying?

Not every horse heals equally well and quickly from laminitis. Therapies, drugs, dietary changes, modifications in housing, exercise and hoof maintenance are sometimes unsuccessful. When you then read about a new miracle cure or a great new therapy, the temptation is great to pin your hopes on it. However, you should be careful with this. Sometimes they are based on assumptions or unproven theories. You should also remember that anecdotal evidence is no evidence.

Keep things in context

Another thing is that science sometimes discovers a property of a certain substance that could be of benefit to laminitic horses. This is then taken out of context on internet forums and social media. People enthusiastically start fiddling around with plants that contain that substance. Nevertheless, it is better to wait and carefully follow scientific developments until a substance has proven to be effective, useful and safe.

Voice your concerns

Have a good talk with your vet, your hoof care provider or a nutritionist. Voice your concerns. Critically reassess together whether all the conditions for a reasonable chance of recovery have been met. It may well be that someone has overlooked something. You can always ask a second opinion from another vet.

Ask your vet (again)

Know what you are talking about

If you do choose the new therapy or remedy, be sure to look closely at the theory behind it. Do not take things at face value just because they are on the internet. Look up information, ask the opinion of both those in favour and those against. Preferably these are people who are professionally involved. Also make sure that it does not interfere with the other aspects of treatment. Some substances can have a negative interaction with certain medications.  Side effects are not always known for brand-new drugs. They may do more harm to the horse than bring relief.

Contradictory advice

Also watch out for ‘two captains on one ship’. If different people treating your horse are giving contradictory advice, it will certainly not help the healing process. Tell everyone concerned with your horse’s treatment that you are going down this road. 

Beware of contradictory advice

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