Laminitis. Too many horse owners are confronted with this disease one day. And when it happens to your horse, pony or donkey you will feel completely desperate to find him in so much pain. He is unable to walk. You will want nothing more but to help.

Quick intervention can prevent a lot of suffering. This book explains precisely and comprehensively what happens in the horse’s body, both just before and during laminitis. The latest scientific findings with regards to sugars, hormones, medications, underlying diseases such as PPID (Cushing), treatment methods, toxins and stress all are extensively discussed. So too is the critical importance of good nutrition, housing, exercise and correct hoof care.

This book offers practical solutions and simple preventive measures. The emphasis is on the very important role you play as the horse’s owner. In short, after reading this book you will know how to help your beloved horse to recover and remain healthy.

Additionally ‘Laminitis: understanding, cure, prevention’ is a valuable resource for both veterinarians and hoof care providers. Unfortunately many equine professionals often lack knowledge on this complex issue and laminitis is diagnosed too late or not even recognised at all. The commonly used treatments often prove ineffective because they are based on outdated ideas and theories, or because the focus is too much on the hooves only. This book aims to change that, bringing effective solutions through bringing the focus back on the whole horse.

‘Laminitis: understanding, cure, prevention’ is an absolute must have for everyone who works with or cares for a laminitis prone horse, pony or donkey.