Treatment and prevention

The perils of over- and undertreatment

Not every horse recovers equally well from laminitis. Therapies, medication, dietary changes, modifications in housing, exercise and hoof care are not always successful. Effective treatment of the underlying problems is not always possible either. In many cases though, it would…
Treatment and prevention

Empathy and positive reinforcement

‚For you, this might be the two hundred and fiftieth case of laminitis. For your client, it is often a first time confrontation that concerns their dearly beloved horse. Never loose your empathy. An overly theoretical explanation of what is…
Treatment and prevention

Stem cell transplant

Epidermal cells are constantly being renewed. This process, called epidermal regeneration, also takes place in the hoof. It is part of normal growth and repair of the hoof wall. The germinal layer of the epidermis contains stem cells, that generate…