Theories and causes


Several types of carbohydrates (sugars or saccharides) can be distinguished: Simple sugars (monosaccharides) such as glucose (dextrose) and fructose (fruit sugar) Dual sugars (disaccharides) such as sucrose (beet sugar) Fructans such…

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Anatomy & histology

Hoof wall growth

Hoof wall growth is an amazing process. The hoof wall continues to grow throughout the horse's life without the close connection with the coffin bone suffering from it. The hoof wall slides…
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Treatment and prevention

Coronary band resection

A coronary band resection is the removal of a small portion of the hoof wall just below the coronet with the objective of: Stimulation of proper wall growth in the…
Theories and causes


One enzyme of interest is the cartilage destroying enzyme ADAMTS-4. In the lamellae a protein is present that is degraded by this enzyme. Too much of this enzyme could lead…
Treatment and prevention

Tenotomy and desmotomy

Tenotomy, the division of the deep digital flexor tendon and desmotomy, the cutting of the check ligament, are procedures that aim to eliminate the rotation of the coffin bone. The…